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Thank You

Two weeks ago I started publicly talking about my journey of faith and doubt.

One week ago I told you I felt like I was on the outside.

In all this, your idea or picture of who I am has probably changed.

Now, I don’t think anyone thought I was perfect.

But I was a pastor for goodness’ sake.

At times, I do feel like I’m on the outside, but today I feel loved.

Today, I want to say thank you because you reached out.

You texted, commented, FB messaged, emailed, etc.

You encouraged me.

You challenged me.

You affirmed our relationship.

You reminded me that I’m not alone.

And I can’t be more grateful.

While some have turned away, some have leaned in.

It gives me hope that love exists outside of predefined circles.

Before I hit “publish” two weeks ago there was a bunch of fear.

I was afraid of rejection.

I was afraid that nobody cared.

I was afraid of being different.

I was afraid of change.

What I’ve experienced flies in the face of those thoughts and ideas.

I understand what it’s like to be afraid.

And I now understand that fear is a limiting belief.

I’m glad I didn’t give in.

Without that decision, I never would have experienced the grace you have given.

I am deeply grateful and incredibly appreciative.

I also hope that this encourages you to hit “publish” on whatever fear is keeping you from.

I hope you make the phone call.

I hope you send the text.

I hope you write the song.

I hope you apply for the job.

The other side is worth it.

Fear is a limiting belief.

You have what it takes.


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