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It Seems Obvious

Yes, there is truth.

There is a better way of doing things.

Things are not right and something needs to be done.

You see it.

It seems obvious.

And yet, there are people who disagree.

They stand in opposition to the good you’d like to see accomplished in the world.

They just don’t get it.

They stand for things that you can’t even stomach.

The words that flow from their mouth may as well be a different language.

You can’t understand how someone thinks that way.

How could anyone in their right mind believe the things they believe?

The temptation is to dismiss and deride.

And it happens all too often.

After all, what could be the alternative?

This person is only spewing talking points.

Intellectual conversation isn’t a possibility.

They aren’t changing their mind.

You certainly aren’t changing yours.

You’re correct.

And this person is clearly wrong.

And misinformed.

And ignorant.

And …

Fill in the blank.

If this person won’t listen to reason, maybe the shouts need to get louder.

Maybe the tone needs be condescending.

Maybe it needs to get personal.

Maybe this person needs to be ridiculed.

Made fun of.

Put in their place.

And maybe you’re right.

I believe that there is a time for decisive and disruptive action.

I also remember hearing a story about planks & specks.

It is really easy to condemn and feel good about it.

It is really easy to get up on the high horse.

It is really easy to pontificate from on high.

It is really easy to take sides and form echo chambers.

It is really hard to engage in meaningful conversation with an open mind.

It is really hard to work on our personal shortcomings.

It is really hard to do small things that move the world forward when nobody is looking.

It is really hard to have nuanced thought that doesn’t fit a two-party system.

At the end of all this, yes, there is truth.

And there is also love.

It can be easy to sacrifice love on the altar of “truth.”

But I think both are needed.

Let’s be people fighting for both.

Truth and Love.

Truth in Love.


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