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Recalculating Route…

I recently made a trip to Ohio to see my family.

On the way back to PA, I missed an exit.

The next sound I heard was, you guessed it, “Recalculating route…”

The GPS then proceeded to map out a different way.

It’s a cheesy and overused metaphor, but it feels more poignant when you’ve seen the “Recalculating route…” message come up over your faith and life.

There is a certain level of fear waiting for clarity and direction.

The plan goes out the window.

Likely your headed down roads you’ve never been on.

It might take more time.

You may have to use a few more backroads.

The smooth sailing of the highway will be long gone.

The thing about a GPS app is that it only displays the next turn.

Your job is not to map out your new route.

Your job is simple.

Trust the GPS.

Take the next turn.


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