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Life Is Short, 50 Miles Isn’t

Today I’m walking 50 miles.

We started at 4:00am.

My friend Joe is doing this as a part of his Fab Beyond Fifty project as he approaches and celebrates his 50th birthday.

He invited me to be his trail buddy and I couldn’t resist!

My goal is to run in a 100-mile race in August of 2018.

This is the first major training day in preparation for that.

(Yes mom, I have been training leading up to it, this is just the first time I’ll hit 50 miles)


I think I like the word training over exercise.

Exercise is this abstract concept that is supposed to be “good for you”.

Training in intentional, serves a specific purpose and sounds cooler.

It has to do with a goal or goals.

Its the idea that human potential can be improved upon.

We can make ourselves better.


I’m excited about this specific training exercise for a couple reasons.

One, I like Joe.

I respect him and his family and that he’s taking risks and not settling for the comfortable. He’s chasing his ambitions. I get 14+ hours of conversation with that guy. I think I can learn some things!

Two, I like pushing myself.

I like doing things I have never done. I like putting my mind and body to the test. I’m relatively confident that I’ll make it, but there is a slight doubt in my mind. I get to experience the moment where I want to quit and I don’t. I keep going. Just because I have this impulse doesn’t mean I have to give up. I can keep going.

Three, It will be a good story and memory.

I’m learning that saying “yes” to these things is important. I don’t expect to solve all of life’s problems today, but I do expect to gain insight, clarity, and perspective. It always happens that way. Its like momentum. One thing leads to another.


Life is short, 50 miles isn’t, let’s do thing!

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