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Humility and an Open Hand

Most people think they are above average.

Think about that.

It’s pretty funny.

There is literally no way it can be true.

We think more highly of ourselves than is factually warranted.

It makes sense.

I think we see it everywhere.

We’re a pretty confident bunch.

We’re fairly certain that what we believe is “right”.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t believe it, would we?

Reflecting on this, I’m reminded not to get ahead of myself.

It feels good to proclaim what people “should” believe or do.

It feels good to pontificate.

So, this post isn’t for anybody but myself.

I should probably hold my beliefs with a little bit more of an open hand.

The tight fists grasping for truth are probably not serving me.

Humility should probably inform my ideas about reality more than anything.

There are bunch of people, who are likely smarter than me, who would disagree with many things I say and think.

That’s okay.

Humility says I can learn from them.

Humility doesn’t always feel natural, but I’m trying to walk in it.


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