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Why Minimalism?

Stuff is just stuff.

At the end of the day, we all know it doesn’t provide what it promises.

Overhyped and underwhelming.

Things can’t solve the big problems in life.

Oh, we try to make them. We fall into that trap.

The temptation is strong and the pull is powerful.

Pain points and fear drive a chemical reaction that holds the assurance of release.

The dissonance in our lives will be resolved by the shiny new object.

You’ll feel secure. You’ll feel powerful. You’ll feel full.

But it lasts for a moment.

Then its gone.

And on to another pain point. Another problem.

And the market is always there with another solution.

Its the hamster on the wheel.

Its the treadmill.

Treadmills suck.

You’re not getting anywhere.

Minimalism is the practice of living free of the attachment to things.

We literally let go of the stuff in our lives.

To prove that we don’t need it.

When you are surrounded by stuff, you think you need stuff.

When you get away from it, you learn to live without.

And without isn’t lacking.

Without is abundance.

You learn the secrets of life.

You learn contentment.

You learn to live in the moment.

You learn to cherish what you already have.

You learn the big things in life.

Minimalism puts you in a place to experience freedom.

Freedom from the hamster wheel.

Freedom from the treadmill.

Minimalism is practice.

We all know stuff is not the answer.

We all recognize this.

But it is hard to live out.

Unconsciously, we fall back into the assurances and guarantees.

Empty words.

We drift back into this belief that stuff is important.

We must actively and intentionally choose a different path.

Minimalism is not a destination. It is a method.

It is a method for recognizing what matters.

One by one, we eliminate frivolous and superfluous things.

We throw off the extra.

Minimalism is a pair of x-ray vision glasses.

We start to see through the lies of consumerism.

We start to see real life. Reality. Under the surface.

Choosing minimalism is like grabbing the steering wheel.

Instead of swerving wherever the terrain takes us, we regain a degree of control.

We deliberately steer in a specific direction.

Our destination is visible and achievable.

Don’t think you have to get rid of everything.

Get rid of one thing today.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

You just need to practice.

Practice living without one piece of “stuff”.

See that life isn’t terrible without it.

See that you have agency.

You can decide what you need.

Then tomorrow, get rid of another thing.

They don’t have to be big things.

Just take control.

Choose your life.

Don’t just float along riding the tides of advertising and impulse.

Be deliberate.


The problem is our addiction to stuff.

Minimalism is our rehab.

Sobriety is open, clear eyes and deliberate action.

The future is bright.


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