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Why I Only Wear Gray T-Shirts

I have five gray t-shirts that I wear throughout the week.

I throw them in the laundry when they’re dirty and then rinse and repeat.

I started it as an experiment (like most things I try).

I had read that it reduces “decision fatigue”.

It also fits within the general ideology of minimalism.

I’ve worn nothing but gray shirts for close to three years now.

I’ll simply report what I’ve found.

Nothing changes your life like the internet promises.

I can’t honestly say it has improved my decision-making ability in a demonstrable way.

I don’t have a superhuman sense of clarity.

I just feel a little bit better.

I don’t have to decide what I’m going to wear. 

I literally pick one of the shirts out of my dresser and go.

Life is simple.

No unnecessary decisions or distractions.

That way I can focus on the things that really matter, like Twitter. (Sarcasm, FYI)

No one cares what I wear. 

I found something I think I look presentable in and feel comfortable in.

A couple friends poke fun at times that I’m too predicable, but that’s what friends do.

When I meet someone or go somewhere, they all get the same first fashion impression.

Packing is really easy.

I don’t have to decide what to take when I go on a trip.

I just throw those 5 shirts in my bag and away I go.

Gray is a practical color. 

If I sweat, it doesn’t show that much.

If it spill something on it, it hides it well.

I do enjoy the simplicity.

Real talk, I can focus my attention on what actually matters.

Now, do the shirts magically enable me to do that? No.

But a couple of minimalist or simplicity habits stacked together certainly can.

I try to eliminate decisions that don’t really matter.

I won’t tell my grandkids about the shirts I wore when I was their age. 

I will tell them about the people and places and events I saw and experienced.

I will tell them how I gradually learned how to live a good life.

I will tell them about how much I enjoyed their grandmother.

I won’t tell them about the shirts.

So I only wear gray ones.

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