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Today Is a Gift

Today is a gift.

We didn’t earn the right to today.

Nothing we did warrants us this trip around the sun.

We simply receive.

We didn’t choose or decide to be born.

We didn’t arrange for the breath we just took.

We simply receive.

We didn’t align the sun and the clouds and the horizon for a sunset.

We didn’t carve out the mountains, hills and valleys.

We simply receive.

It’s easy to think we control most of our lives.

It’s easy to feel like we’re responsible.

But the truth is that we receive.

All the stress and panic and white-knuckling cause us to miss out on what we’ve been given.

I get it. I slip into anxiety, worry, and tension as much as the next person.

But when I let myself breathe, when I look around and realize how much I’ve been given, I start see life as more than just something to consume and control.

I start to see beauty.

I start to feel content.

I feel centered.

I receive.

I don’t try to squeeze out every last drop.

I’m not worried about trying maximize efficiency.

I just open up and drink in the cool, refreshing waters of today.

Today is a gift.

Receive it.

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