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This Morning I Went on a Trail Run, Ate Vegan Donuts, and Gave a Homeless Man $10.

I could not have had a better morning.

I’ll readily admit that I typically avoid making eye contact with people asking for money.

It can feel awkward.

I feel trapped and put on the spot.

Am I going to give up some of my money to a stranger?

Am I going to just ignore this human being in a tough spot?

Am I at least going to give the person the dignity of eye-contact and acknowledgement?

For whatever reason, today, I didn’t have that reaction.

Maybe it was the endorphins swimming through my body.

Maybe it was the vegan apple crisp still tickling my tongue.

But today, I smiled, waved him over and happened to have $10 in my wallet.

He was so gracious and kind and thankful.

In the middle of the street, we connected.

It was human moment.

In no way do I think I solved any major problem or that I deserve a medal.

But it was exciting to see empathy and shared humanity well up inside me.

Like I said, many times that’s not my reaction.

I have no real point, but I was reminded that we’re all the same.

At times we ask and at times we receive.

No man is an island and no person is self-made.

We’re human.

We’re in this together.


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