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The Next Blaze

I wish somebody had handed me a map to life.

That would have made things much easier.

Sometimes it feels like we all just got dropped in the middle of the woods.

With no reference to which way is north, south, east or west.

There is a just a blaze on the tree ahead.

One blaze.

Our job is simply to walk to that blaze.

Then walk to the next one.

One blaze at a time.

I don’t know where each consecutive blaze will end up taking me.

I can bet I’ll see some incredible views on the way.

I can bet I’ll get tired at some point.

I can bet that the journey is what it’s really about.

Any time I’m asking where I need to ultimately end up, I come back to the blaze.

I know I just need to get to the next one.

The path reveals itself.

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