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The Better Life Better World Project

I’m trying something.

I’m going to make stuff.

Hopefully the stuff will be helpful.

Hopefully it enriches lives and betters the world.

There is no master plan, just starting. (That sounds familiar)

There will be a blog, hopefully some videos, some pictures, maybe a podcast some day (if you people agree to be interviewed by me).

The way I see it, we’re all trying to answer the same questions, so let’s help each other. So many people have helped me in so many ways. People I know personally and some that I see across this crazy thing called the internet. The only reason they were able to make a connection is because they put themselves out there in some way. I’ve learned from them that I, in turn, need to put myself out there.

This project is one way I hope to do that.

I hope to offer ideas that inspire. To offer critiques that challenge. To offer examples that prove its possible. To offer my mistakes that others can learn from. To offer random thoughts that are interesting. To offer hope where there might not be any. To offer my own learnings so that knowledge can be shared and spread. To offer a place where we can discuss all this stuff. I hope to offer value.

I hope ultimately to live a better life and to contribute to a better world.

That being said, I’d love for any feedback at any time. If you have ideas, comments, tips or just want to chat, please reach out. We’re all in this life thing together.

Thanks for reading, here goes nothing!



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