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Today happens to be #NationalGiveSomethingAwayDay and it is a great opportunity to practice generosity. I chose to donate books to our local, charitable thrift shop.

I’ll be honest. I need days like this.

I can easily fall into a scarcity mind-set.

(I first came across the term “scarcity mindset” in Stephen Covey’s great book)

There are probably many factors as to why, but a part of me believes I need to play it safe, be conservative, always be prepared, and cling to whatever I have, less it be taken away.

It can feel like the available resources are very limited and finite. Whatever resources I can get my hands on I need to hold tight. The idea of letting something go is a hard idea.

Giving something away subverts all that.

Giving something away reminds me that everything I have really is a gift.

Giving something away reminds me that material things are always temporary.

Giving something away reminds me where true security comes from.

Giving something away teaches me to see outside of my own limited perspective.

Giving something away affirms the value of community.

Giving something away can be an intentional practice letting go of my personal, perceived securities. It teaches me what is really important. It loosens my white-knuckled grip on things that don’t matter.

It shifts my mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

In this abundance mindset, there is enough to go around.

There is confidence in the future.

There is the selfless seeing of other people.

There is a natural generosity.

Giving something away can shift our mindset if we choose to act.

What better day than today to change your mindset?

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