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Life Is a System

A system is defined as, “A set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole.”

The point is that we have all these interconnected pieces and aspects of our lives that make up our bodies, minds and existence.

For a simple example, look at our muscles and skeletons. I have a skeletal system that gives structure to my body. I then have a muscular system that gives movement and stability to that structure. They work together to the whole of human movement. Therefore, when I improve my muscular system, I’m improving the whole system and my ability to move.

Where this has been helpful for me is in thinking of human flourishing.

To be our best, to flourish, to live our best lives, we must think of our lives as systems.

What I eat affects my system.

How I exercise affects my system.

How much I stretch and work on mobility affects my system.

The compassion I have for people affects my system.

The peace and contentment I have affects my system.


There are two sides to this idea.

All the negative stuff that goes in affects the whole system.

All the positive stuff that goes in affects the whole system.

When I choose to eat Oreos dipped in frosting, it affects the whole system.

When I choose to go for a quick jog instead of watching Youtube, it affects the whole system.


The good news:

Any positive change will add value to your whole life.

It is a myth that diet is an isolated part of our lives.

It is a myth that exercise is isolated.

Mindfulness is not isolated.

Our love for others is not isolated.

We are a system.

Everything affects everything.


Make a change today in one piece of your system.

Making one changes affects everything.

Making one change helps you live a better life.


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