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Learn From The Other Side

If we stay isolated, we will not make progress.

If we continue the blame casting, we will never be united.

If we ignore the problem, it only gets worse.

Most people don’t do the hard work and engage in conversation.

They stay in their own circles and echo chambers and never learn.

Imagine if we leaned in. Imagine if we listened. Imagine.

Don’t be the one who insulates and points the finger from a distance.

What if you could see from the other perspective?

What if you walked in their shoes?

We all have a choice.

We’re either part of the problem or a part of the solution.

We can layer division on top of division and make the problem worse.

Or we can take a dose of humility and start to see the value of the other perspective.

You get to decide.

What kind of person will you be?

What kind of world are you creating?


A first step?

Have a conversation with someone who disagrees with you.

Ask questions, don’t pontificate answers.

Treat them with respect.

Watch what happens.


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