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I Already Failed

It’s been about twenty-four hours into this September Challenge to #StopSucking.

I’ve already failed.

I was out to eat with my parents and didn’t even think about the straw the waitress handed me.

It was an automatic response.

I took the paper off and plunged it into my unsweetened iced tea.

I want to mention two things.

No one is perfect.

We live in the social media world where everyone is posting their best self.

We see the interesting and attractive parts of each others’ lives without the boring stuff, the hard stuff, or the failures.

It’s easy to feel like everyone else has it together.

They don’t.

We’re all human.

We have bad days.

We mess up.

We get angry.

We use plastic straws when we aren’t supposed to!

I’ll open up on a failure because I hope not to portray that I have it all together.

Obviously this is a minor failure, but it is sort of embarrassing how quickly it happened.

The challenge is not the end goal.

The challenge to eliminate plastic straws for a month is not the point.

The challenge is like a practice drill.

I’m intentionally choosing to notice plastic straws and excess waste.

Obviously, in this case, I still need the practice!

So, even though I “failed” the challenge, I’m not going to give up.

I’m going to keep trying.

I’m going to keep practicing.

Tomorrow is another day and I can choose to be aware.


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