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How Do We Love Better?

I think the world would be better if we loved each other better.

Simple idea. Complicated execution.

I think love takes practice.

Dallas Willard defines love as, “to will the good of others.”

If I love someone, I want the best things for them.

This can be hard. It is easy to be self-interested.

Self-interest is not always bad. I have to be somewhat self-interested. Otherwise, I wouldn’t eat, I wouldn’t exercise, and I wouldn’t look for traffic before crossing the street.

But self-interest makes it hard to see beyond ourselves.

To see beyond ourselves we need be intentional.

Here’s something I do occasionally when I feel myself becoming overly self-interested.

I write down the names of three people who I’d like to love better.

It could be a difficult family member.

It could be a political figure I don’t agree with.

It could be a difficult co-worker.

It could be an athlete on a rival team (Kevin Durant).

It could be someone who has been getting on my nerves.

Then I write down three good things I hope for them.

I try to be intentional to hope for things that don’t affect me.

Then I imagine those people receiving what I hoped for them.

It brings clarity.

It helps me to see the people around me with intention to give, and not to take.

It breaks the self-interest that can be suffocating.

It helps me make the world better.

Who do you need to love today?

Who do you need to see differently?

Try practicing it.


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