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Fear & Courage


It freezes.

It causes inaction.

We hesitate to move.

Paralysis by analysis is crippling.



It liberates.

It causes action.

We move towards conflict.

Analysis is relevant to solutions.


The difference between courage and fear is a choice.

When faced with fear, which is completely natural and often helpful, we must choose courage.

The other option is to shrink.

To keep doing the thing you’ve been doing.


But we don’t grow that way. We don’t start living better lives doing the same old stuff.

We have to break the mold. We have to do something completely different.

The saying goes, “Your system is designed to get exactly the results you’re getting.”

If we want different results, we have to move past the fear and into courage.


I’m not naturally good at this. I’m conservative and cautious by nature. I have to be reminded.

I’m trying to learn to see fear as a tell or a sign.

I listened to a podcast with Kimberly Chambers who does marathon open water swimming.

She said, “Fear is a motivator…If I’m afraid of something, I know I have to do it”

Here’s a practice for us all:

What are you afraid to do?


Do it. Choose courage.


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