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Do Something Productive – A Pep Talk

Distraction isn’t an internet problem. Its a you problem.

A former boss used to say, “There’s a short between the chair and the keyboard.”

That means the problem is you.

My thoughts / pep talk / rant:


You don’t have to get off the internet to be productive either.


Yeah, you could go outside.

You could go for a jog.

Or read a book.

Or call somebody.

Or practice meditation.

Or pick up trash.

Or clean your bathroom.

Or exercise.

Or write down what you’re thankful for.


But you can be productive on the internet too.

You can write and send an encouraging message to anyone in the world.

Or sit judgmentally on Facebook.

You can read and study and educate yourself.

Or BuzzFeed.

You can watch videos on how to build a stinkin’ house!

Or cat videos.


There is no excuse. Whatever you do next, you are choosing to do.

Don’t blame distraction on the internet. Its not the internet’s fault. Its yours.

The internet can be a distraction or it can be leverage.

You choose.


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