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Bonsai Nerdery

So I put together a bonsai video. It’s on Youtube, the link is below.

I’ve also previously written about bonsai trees here.

Warning: This is nerdy. It probably won’t be exciting for anyone not into bonsai unless you are looking to get into bonsai. It’s not highly philosophical, it’s just straight bonsai operations!

So, if you’re into that kind of thing, check it out!

For everybody else, here is a quote you can reflect on!

“As I’ve gotten older, the people who make things, do things, manifest things…are ambitious enough to try. To apply for the job, even if they know it’s a stretch. To ask out the girl. To sit down and write the book. Even if no one reads it.” – Zelda Fitzgerald (Paris Review)

Have a great day!


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