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When we add up cultural influences, historical tendencies and circumstantial factors, we usually take the path of least resistance.

I call it autopilot.

We drift through life without really reflecting on where we’re headed, who we are or what we care about.

It happens in our diet.

It happens in our time management.

It happens in our relationships.

It happens in every facet of our lives.

Given our choice the easy way seems more appealing.

We know there is a better life out there, but it seems hard.

It’s difficult to discipline ourselves.

It’s difficult to choose delayed gratification.

It’s difficult to manually shift course.

But it’s worth it.

It might break the norms.

People might look at you differently.

You might be questioned.

Because it’s weird when someone chooses to step out.

It’s weird when someone has the courage to change.

Its’ weird when people grow and they can’t be put in the same boxes.

Autopilot is normal.

Shifting course is difficult.

Change is weird.

Be weird.


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