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A Better World with Mom’s Organic Market

Mom’s Organic Market might be the coolest grocery store around!

Some background info:

My wife and I recently watched a TED Talk by Bea Johnson about a Zero Waste lifestyle. It blew our minds and opened our eyes to a world of possibilities. It talked about how much we waste and gave very practical ideas on how to drastically reduce it in through our consumer choices. I’ll probably talk about this in more detail in a dedicated post at some point, but I highly recommend you checking out her TED talk.

That video started us on this quest. We are now trying to implement as many tips and tricks as possible. Admittedly, it’s hard.

It breaks habits we’ve formed over years and years of living a certain way.

At first, we felt very alone. The “systems” don’t seem to be set up to help us reduce waste. If we were not almost constantly aware of our choices, we inevitably wasted more than we thought or wanted to.

That is where Mom’s Organic Market came in!

We were searching for different places to buy bulk groceries so we could use our own cotton bags.

We stumbled in and found these displays and messages on their walls.

Seeing these reminded me that we are in this thing together.

We’re not alone.

This is an “all-skate”

A better world is a humanity project, not an individual one.

When you’re feeling alone or asking, “What can one person really do?”

Look up.

There are others doing their part.

We can do this thing.

Ps.  This is not sponsored or in any way affiliated with Bea or Mom’s. We’re just big fans!


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