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3 Spheres of “The Better Life”

I’m starting to think of “the better life” in 3 overlapping spheres.

Sphere #1 = Self-Interest

Eat well enough, exercise a little bit, get a good night’s sleep, do something to de-stress, spend time with your family, be active in community, etc.

These things aren’t terribly complicated.

They are somewhat common knowledge.

Everybody knows these things, just not everybody does them.

They can be difficult to routinely practice, but if you set out with some intention and determination, they are relatively easy to accomplish.

When regularly practiced, they make a big impact.

However, I would argue that they aren’t the end in themselves.

Sphere #2 = Self Reflection

Sphere #2 is a bit more difficult.

This stuff requires a little bit introspection.

We’re required to look at our character and our habits.

We have to stare at the giant ball on knots and start to untangle the mess.

We ask the question, “Who am I becoming?”

“What type of person do I want to be?”

We work on a  Sphere #2 life from the inside out.

We cultivate love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, etc.

We try to detach ourselves from outcomes and focus on our contribution.

We try to live at peace within ourselves.

It’s tricky because we can’t really measure this stuff.

The real metric is if your partner thinks your becoming more patient.

Or do your closest friends recognize you being more kind?

I can’t say that I’m becoming more loving objectively.

That’s for the people around me to decide.

Sphere #2 is tricky, but oh so worth it.

Sphere #3 = Selfless Action

Existing becomes living.

Life becomes an adventure.

You get caught up in something bigger than you.

You play your part in the betterment of the world around you.

Comfort is not to be sought after, but contribution.

This is staring fear and laziness and excuses in the face and doing something that matters.

Sphere #3 deals with how we’re all connected.

This is where the magic is.

This is where life happens.

Look beyond your circles.

Look beyond your perspective.

Look beyond your four walls.

The world needs your contribution and you need to contribute to the world.

It’s a symbiotic relationship where we keep working to make this place better.

Maybe you can’t solve poverty, but you could help someone get a job interview.

Maybe you can’t solve gang violence but you could be a mentor.

Maybe you can’t solve the political debate, but you can refuse to speak hate.

Maybe what’s missing in your life is your involvement in the lives of others.

Make a difference. Be a change maker.

We need you.

3 sphers image

Closing Thoughts

Any one sphere is good, but in order to live your best life, you need all three.

Not necessarily in “balance”, but they shouldn’t be neglected.

It may seem overwhelming to see the whole picture and realize how much work there is to do, but that’s not the point.

Pick one thing.

I’m assuming as you read through that, you knew exactly what you needed to do.

Don’t ignore it.

Make progress.


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