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Why Question?

Some people don’t understand.

That’s okay.

They ask, “Why?”

I wasn’t exactly sure for a while.

And I still haven’t “nailed it.”

But I have some thoughts.

For thousands of years, people have asked life’s biggest questions.

Why am I here?

How did I get here?

What is the meaning of life?

What is a good life?

How does one live a good life?

What is good and right and moral?

How do we know what is good and right and moral?

These questions inspire religions, art, science, and virtually all human activity here on earth.

We seek to answer these questions and we do our best to live out the implications.

Most people are handed some sort of belief system.

We inherit a certain set of ideas about the nature of reality.

That’s perfectly fine and very helpful.

As children and maturing adults, we need that.

It helps us make sense of the world around us.

But at some point, those beliefs must be examined for ourselves.

Instead of going through life blind to our own assumptions and biases, we seek to understand them.

We seek other points of view.

We refine our ideas.

We experiment and test different options.

We do this with phones, shoes, cars, houses, etc.

We gather ideas and perspectives and come to conclusions based on a wide array of experiences.

Why would we not do this with life’s biggest questions?

Why would we stick with one option without opening our minds to other ideas?

Not, why question?

Why not question?


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