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We Are a Paper Towel Free Home!

The day finally came.

I’ve written about my wife and I’s journey with waste a little bit here, and there will be more info coming soon about that whole process. For now, this is the video that inspired us and we’re trying to eliminate as much waste as possible.

One of the things on the list to eliminate was disposable paper towels.

We had a stash of paper towels left to use and we didn’t want to just throw them away.

So, we decided to use the rest of our paper towels until they ran out. Then we would replace them.

That day finally came.

We used our last roll of paper towels.

Now, we have 48 microfiber towels in little bins below our sink.

So far (a couple days) it has not been too difficult.

We simply use the microfiber towels for anything we would have used paper towels. We just don’t throw them away. We throw them in the laundry and wash them.

(It is apparently better to hand-wash microfiber towels and let them air dry, but we use the washing machine and then let them air dry. Maybe one day we’ll achieve “hand-wash” status!)

One thing we’ve noticed is the mindset change steps like this provide.

For our entire lives, we assumed paper towels were a way of life. They were a built-in part of a normal, human existence.

We now know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

We have been empowered to be aware of and to deliberately choose the products we use.

For now, we’ve made one more decision we feel good about.

We’ll keep stepping in the direction of eliminating waste.

See you tomorrow!

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