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September Challenges

Years are starting to fly by and I’m realizing I’m not always as intentional as I’d like to be.

Today is September 2nd. (I know I missed yesterday, but I had something different to say!)

I did some good things in August, but I want to maximize September.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to push and push until I have nothing left.

I just want to be thoughtful and live my September with purpose.

So here are a couple ways I’m try to be intentional in September!

#StopSucking – One way I’ve suggested is the #StopSucking campaign. If you haven’t read the post, its about cutting out one time use plastic straws. I will refuse to use plastic straws and find alternative solutions. (Reusable straws, no straws, etc…)

Pushups – I’ve mentioned that I’m trying to do 100,000 pushups in 2017. I’m a touch behind but I do 316 per day. In September I’m trying to up my number to 400 pushups per day. This will give me a surplus going into a busy October and will set me up to finish the year well!

Morning Routine – I’ve had seasons of great morning routines and seasons of aimless wandering. I’m running every morning, and I eat breakfast, but I’m looking to add a spiritual component. I’m committing to 20 minutes in a “reflective sit”. I’m going to be still, look ahead at the day and see where I can be compassionate, kind, and generous. I’ll write some quick reflections in a journal.

Night Reflections – One page and five questions. 

  1. What did I learn?

  2. What great things happened today?

  3. How did I serve/assist/be helpful today?

  4. How was I productive today? What did I move forward?

  5. What will I start and focus on tomorrow?


Are these the absolute best, most perfect habits to build in September? Probably not.

I could argue with myself and others would pick different goals.

But that is missing the point.

I’m trying to make progress.

I’m trying to learn how to make progress.

Both important and both will be accomplished!

So here’s to September!

I hope yours is spectacular!

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