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I was recently in upstate New York staying at an AirBnB.

Our cabin was about 2 miles from the Ashoken Reservoir.

The reservoir supplies water to New York City.

It can hold up to 122.9 billion US gallons.

That is a large amount of water.

Water is stored in the reservoir until someone in NYC needs it.

They turn their sink on and out comes the water.

I think our lives are basically the same.

Somewhere, not necessarily close to the expression, our actions are stored in a reservoir.

When we need to act, our actions come out of this reservoir.

In New York I couldn’t help but think of pollution or contamination.

What happened if something happened to the water?

I’m sure there is some kind of filtration system, but the question is still valid.

The water New York City drinks is directly dependent on the quality of the Ashoken Reservoir.

The lives we live out are directly dependent on the quality of our reservoirs.

In the same way, the streams and rivers that feed the Ashoken Reservoir must kept clean.

What comes in is generally what goes out.

Our lives and actions are fed by something.

What’s coming in?

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