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Missing Something

It can certainly be lonely.

We’ve all tried to do it ourselves.

We’re the ones that are making things happen.

We’re the ones who get results.

We’re responsible.

In control.

The water is leaking through the dam and we’re plugging holes.

But every time we do, another hole opens up.

It’s exhausting.

The plates are all up, balanced and spinning but one starts to wobble.

As soon as it is steadied, another wobble.

It’s draining.

That mole keeps popping out of its hole and you bop it on the head.

Then there are two more and you only have one mallet.

It’s never ending.

It’s life on the treadmill.

Maximum output with minimal result.

Maybe that isn’t how we’re supposed to live.

Maybe we’re missing something.

Maybe you need a drink.


27 The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, – Proverbs 14:27


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