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When you abandon clarity in favor of questions, it can be difficult.

No guarantees.

No certainty.

No establishment.

Just openness.


The search.

There are moments when this makes you feel alive.

There are no limits, only a horizon to chase.

Then there are moments when those former limits look really comforting.

They provide structure.



But the questions are still there.

Nothing has really been answered in any satisfactory way.

So the search continues.

Navigation without a map is exploration.

Exploration is rewarding but it has hard moments.

What will we find?

What’s beyond what we can see?

What’s out there?

This is the job of the explorer.

Pushing into the unknown.

Pushing past what is comfortable.

It helps to have a big machete to blaze your own trail.

It also helps to have a partner, or partners.

Exploring can be tough, doing it with someone else helps.

If you are exploring, don’t feel like you have to do it alone.


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