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A Table Prepared

It’s easy to miss what is really going on.

The stress and the tasks and the responsibilities and the commitments.

The self-doubt and the fear and the future worry.

All these things sneak in and steal our attention and headspace.

They clamor and call out for our time and mental energy.

They make big threats.

They talk a big game.

But they aren’t the whole story.

In the midst of everything life demands of us there is a way to find peace.

It isn’t the most apparent or the flashiest.

It doesn’t read like a news headline.

It isn’t Twitter.

Anything worth while doesn’t need that kind of marketing.

It simply presents itself.

It may require a little searching.

It may require some introspection.

It may require time set aside.

But that’s the point.

Reality is deeper than the surface level.


You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies – Psalm 23:5

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