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100,000 Pushups In 2017


I’m a goals guy.

If you can’t tell.

I like to set goals that will take me going above what I’ve previously done.

I like the challenge I guess.

I like the idea of self-mastery.

I’m not sure you can actually attain it, but I do think your conscious choice can grow stronger and your impulsive nature can shrink.

I’m definitely not saying that I’m close to self-mastery.

When people ride my tail on the highway, I get angry.

When things aren’t “fair”, my inner 8-year old gets fired up.

I eat too many vegan donuts.

I choose not too stretch before a run and then pay for it later.

I think we all give into the impulsive or the comfortable at times.

If you don’t, please let me know how you managed that!

Anyway, that’s why I’m attempting 100,000 pushups this year.

I started late. I started February 18th.

So I have to do somewhere around 315 pushups every day.

I’m behind right now so my number is currently closer to 325-350 per day.

The idea is to prove to myself that I can do something I don’t necessarily want to do, every day.

(I’ve already failed perfection, but I’m making up the ones I missed.)

I found this article, was inspired, and set out to achieve it.

Barring an injury or some unforeseen happening, I think I’ll make it.

As of today, I’ve done 59,287 pushups. I’m 753 behind where I’m “supposed” to be.

I like these challenges because they give me practice saying “no” to that impulsive side.

They empower me.

When I choose discipline one day, in one area of life, it makes it easier in other areas.

I’m far from perfect, but I’m practicing.

Here’s to choosing what’s constructive over the comfortable.

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