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"You have been invited to the party of existence." 

Douglas Ottati

My name is Eric Hankins.

I live in a small town outside of Akron, Ohio with my wife April, our daughter, Juniper, and our two dogs, Biscotti & Cannoli (April has Italian heritage). I'm the Director of Youth and Family Ministries at The Bath Church in Bath, Ohio.

I like to read, run, listen to podcasts, and write down various thoughts on occasion. 

Thanks to my friend, Cole Seaman, I'm now an Oxford comma fundamentalist.

This site is a chance to put thoughts out there, to reflect on the world, and to see it reflected back at me. A large part of my life has been what I think about God and how that affects the way I live.

I'm drawn to goodness, truth, and beauty and seeking ever more to be caught up in the relational matrix of justice, love, and compassion (some might call that, "God!").

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About Me
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